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The Vedas are monotheistic.

There are many mantras in the Vedas which proclaim that there is only one God.

Ekam Sat Viprah bahudha vadanti: RV I 164.46: There is one Sat (Reality), the knowledgeable ones (Viprah) , bahudha vadanti (describe it in many ways).

Unlike other religions which claim that there is one true God and that other Gods are false, both the Vedas and the Gita, proclaim that there is one God that is described in many ways.

  1. akashat patitam toyam, yatha gacchati sagaram, sarva deva namaskaram kesavam prati gacchati: as the water that falls from the sky, goes to the sea (through many rivers, the salutations offered to all Gods, goes to Krishna.
  2. Sri Krishna also says in the Bhagavad Gita, that whatever deity a person has faith in, He strengthens their faith to that alone. 
  3. In RV II 1.4,1.6 and 1.7 it is said that God is one though known by many names like Agni, Indra etc.
  4. This concept is repeated in YV XXXII, RV X.110.9, AV X7.35, AV XIII 1.6, RV VI45.3
  5. Instead of saying that there is ‘no God but X”, the Vedas say, all Gods are You. (tvam Eva agni, tvameva raja, tvameva indra, tvameva mitra etc.)

Each name of a God, describes one of his attributes.

  1. Agni: The first among those who should be adored.
  2. Indra : Resplendent
  3. Aryaman: Law giver
  4. Varuna: Venerable
  5. Rudra: Vitality and Virility
  6. Savitr: The father (the source)
  7. Divya: Effulgent
  8. Yama: Law Abider
  9. Mitra: Friend
  10. Vishnu ; Omnipresent
  11. Soma ; Blissful
  12. Siva, Sankara, Mayaskara: Benovolent and kind
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