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Density Variations in Divine Presence

Observations :

  1. I felt a great sense of inner security in Udipi
  2. I felt Siva’s powerful presence at Rishikesh
  3. I felt a frightening divine presence in DevaPrayag
  4. I don’t feel so much in Bangalore
  5. I felt absolutely no divine presence in USA

Question for my Veda Guru:

  1. Since Vishnu means Omnipresent, and God is everywhere, is it possible that some places are more divine than others or is this a delusion?

Answer :

  1. Insensitive people do not notice variations of divine presence.
  2. Sensitive Beginners (Sadhaks) do notice geographical variations in divine presence as well as in people.
  3. Siddhas condition their environment any place they stay or have stayed becomes divine.
  4. Moolasthanas (eg Tirupathi for Sri Venkateswara Swamy) have a stronger divine presence than minor pratishthas.
  5. Any place where many people are engaged in spiritual sadhana shines brighter with divine presence. Any place where the Agama Sastras are practiced shine brighter with divine presence.
  6. There are density variations in divine presence., but any place can be made more divine.

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February 1, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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