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Veda Swaras, Viniyoga and Artha

Vedic Swaras vary from Rg to Yajur to Sama Vedas for the same mantras.

My Veda Guru said that The Veda Artha does not vary from Veda to Veda inspite of swara variations. Thus each mantra has the same meaning inspite of having different swaras, in each of the vedas.

However the viniyoga or the use to which the mantras are put vary from veda to veda ie the swaras are connected to purpose.

As an example, Rg Swaras are useful for parayana and yajur swaras for abhisheka and other purposes.

pArAyaNam means simply chanting repeatedly generally with an intent to meditate on the meaning.

abhiSEkam is worship with water, milk etc. Yajur Vedic Swaras are used in pujas, temples, homas etc…

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