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dwiswaritAs – Vedic Chanting – Siksha Vedanga – Vedic Swaras

Rule : A swarita on top of an anuswAra or dIrgha akshara is to be treated as a dwiswarita.

In the most ancient of times, all the vedas were transmitted word of mouth. Then palm leaf and copper plate recording happened. Then paper, then printing on paper and now audio and video recording as well.

Ramakrishna MaTam started the printing of dwiswaritas – the double line on top of the letter – to indicate a high note dragged out for 2 mAtrakAlas.

Some texts did not print the dwswaritas. They were arrived at by a set of rules, known to the Veda Gurus. Thus when my Veda Guru teaches me Vedic Chanting she makes it a point to point out all the special cases, exceptions and overrides to be followed in the pronounciation of the Veda Mantras. As I have indicated before.. there are variations between various schools.. it  snice if you know the one you belong to and follow that.. or next best follow the one taught by the guru who will accept you.

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